A Woman Set Apart

As truth unfold

How grave to know

The choice is mine

What vessel I could be.


His name now mine to bear

My bridegroom most beloved

Joined in marriage

My bloodline, now is changed

Now his possession I am

Paid for with a high price indeed.


A possession so precious

To him am I

No wonder, his eyes on me remain

To guide and guard

Hold and hide

In his secret place

Where my nest is made.


Oh what love we share

My bridegroom and I

That forever I remain

The centre of his heart.


Daily as I live,

Bathed in his love

What vessel ought I be

A response to such great love?


A choice companion I’ll be

For him to delight in always

Like Xerxes in Esther

And Jacob in Rachael


Reserved alone

For whom I am made

To live the purpose for which

His delicate perfection is autographed in me.


The purpose that drove Jochebed

To dare it all

That Moses might live

So Israel be free.


That made believing Rehab

Bargain the redemption of her and hers

On a worthy price – the scarlet thread

The Blood of Jesus in a figure.


Oh to live like Ruth

Embracing the faith in Naomi’s God

Though of his goodness there was no proof

In the midst of the ashes of mourning.


To be an Esther

Re-writing decrees of nations

Boldly declaring

“If I perish, I perish!”


Such a woman may he find in me

That even in the slumber of men

My candle goes not out at night.

Arise Daughters of Zion, Handmaidens of the Lord

Arise like Deborah, a mother in Israel

Contending with the enemies in the gate.


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