Life in Fantasy

A house with no foundation

Building castles in the sky,

Ignoring reality’s chime

Differs not from trying to make your abode in the moon.

Increase knowledge, increase sorrow

For there is no end to chasing the wind

Only let your knowledge produce,

Take your time to do great things.

Life in fantasy,

In seeking pleasure

They attempt to conceal their frustration

Searching for fulfilment where none may be found.

Creative minds, complaining masses

“oh that our leaders were truly servants” they cry,

But who are ‘our leaders’ anyway?

The father of a home,

Failing to provide for his family

Yet his generosity at the wine bar is known

Returning home as the tyrant, to command and to oppress.

The civil servant ,

Late to work, early to close

In idle sitting and endless chatter all through the day

On whose desk, loads and files of work un-attended remain

But eager to know when the pay cheque would arrive.

The school student,

Now deaf to the cries for study

Truancy is the ‘swag’ they say,

On exam day “we know our way”

Like grasshoppers from office to office

For peanuts of marks they lobby as hobby.

Why complain, when we are all the same?

Courting the devil but not expecting evil

Yet your eyebrows at me are raised

When I say your life is fantasy.

When the log in your eye is gone

Then the spec in your neighbour’s you might ignore

It takes just you to be the change that leads the way

From this maze of our rat race

Our “Life in Fantasy”.


Published by: scribepoems

I am passionate about Truth and also lucky to be able to script my thoughts in poems. My greatest desire is to be able to connect with people of all ages and cultures...simplicity is probaly another word for effectiveness.

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