None of these things move me

It might be the scourge of an epidemic
Obviously we all would relate to this…
The glaring but unannounced civil war breathing in the nation’s atmospere
Probably the stress born out of daily survival
The heart break of betrayal
Or the pressures and demand for standards and excellence

Many excuses to collapse and give up or succumb to depression
alluring and justifiable with human standards
yet as my bro has dared to say
I will stay alive!

No matter the pressure to compromise
or the waves of fear beckoning for my drowning
Not the instability…no no no
I still demand to have my say
But what will it be????
None of these things move me


Published by: scribepoems

I am passionate about Truth and also lucky to be able to script my thoughts in poems. My greatest desire is to be able to connect with people of all ages and cultures...simplicity is probaly another word for effectiveness.

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