Who would shine with me in this present darkness?

Drunk drunk drunk

The earth is drunk

Her crust now is hardened

Clumped by blood

Her ear drums are burst

Deaf to the screams of lives wasted

Insane, mad, sick

She spins and stirs her infection

When would conscience

Uproot evil genius?

How long would “peace”

Be spelt as “war”?

“We are one” Kiara echoed to Simba’s pride

When would we realize we are all same species?

“I pray that they remain one” Jesus prayed for His sheep

But we have chosen everyone his own way

As sheep who have rebelled against their shepherd.

And so the wolves have made us their feast

We too have taken turns to eat our own children

Because  “I” has been made our blind-fold

We don’t recognize we are the same.

Our conscience is dead

Our sanity is lost.

When children of the same parents

Join arms with invaders in betrayal

It is clear conscience is another word for sanity

And insanity another word for foolishness.

Who do we blame if we dare?

Is it home training or choice making?

Rockefeller taught the boundary between need and greed

But how can we hear when we have been deafened by our appetite?

Gluttony in pride, greed, and self

Now we are malnourished

Our pot-bellys are full of skeletons

All else hidden but the bones refuse to decay

How more sad can I paint this canvas of pain?

Healing would come…it surely would

For I know my redeemer lives

I know darkness must yield to light

I am light. But my candle is burning out

Who would shine with me in this present darkness?


Deborah Ade.


Published by: scribepoems

I am passionate about Truth and also lucky to be able to script my thoughts in poems. My greatest desire is to be able to connect with people of all ages and cultures...simplicity is probaly another word for effectiveness.

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10 thoughts on “Who would shine with me in this present darkness?”

  1. Oh, how my heart bleeds cos of the bloodshed in our dear motherland. Poets mirror the society in their piece, this is a masterpiece.

  2. Even though I’ve not found time to finish it, going by the little I’ve read, it’s a great piece I must say. More grace dear!

  3. Your words are filled with the undeniable truths of God’s word. May our Lord, who is the source of these living words remain ever glorified.

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